The Round Valley Trout Association



1. Enter the ramps only when you are ready to launch or remove your boat. Do not park or rig
     your boat on the ramp
2. When approaching the ramp from the water, slow your speed well in advance as your
     following wake will turn boats already beached.
3. Please be patient and wait your turn.
4. Try to tie your boat up on the outside of the dock to keep the ramp side clear
5. Please clear the ramp as soon as possible. Others are probably waiting.
6. Do not park in such a manner so as to block the entering and exiting of the ramp.
7. Do not leave your vehicle's door open on the ramp.
8. Do not let children play on the boat ramp.
9. Please do not shore fish within 50' of the ramp. Boaters need this area to beach their boats
    until they can park or get their vehicles.
10. Please keep the beach area next to the ramp clear of obstructions such as rocks, beach chairs,
      fishing poles, etc.

11. Kayaker's, Canoe, inflatables and car toppers.. Please unload all gear and

     kindly park your vehicle up top before setting up your rig.

Boating Regulations
(These are only some of the regulations the Rangers and State Police will be checking for)

The boat motor size limit is 10 hp
Coast Guard approved type I, II or III, life jackets required on board and immediately accessible for all boat occupants of any boat size plus      one type IV (throwable) immediately accessible, for boats 16' or larger.

All persons on board vessels under 14 feet in length or a canoe, kayak, inflatable or windsurfer, regardless of power, while on Round Valley Reservoir will wear a serviceable United States Coast Guard Approved Type I, II, III or V Hybrid Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

All boats must get off the water when the high wind lights are activated. These are three large strobe lights. Two located on the North and South Dams and one is located on the far easterly side of the reservoir.

All boaters should be familiar with and in compliance with the NJ State Police "Boating Safety Pamphlet".
Your fishing license receipt or a boat ramp maintenance permit should be affixed to the inside rear drivers side window.
There are no facilities other than rest rooms at the fishing/boating access area.
There are no boat rental facilities.
On Summer weekends, late arrivals may be turned away at the gate due to a full lot.
Swimming is not allowed anywhere in the reservoir. Swimming facilities are available adjacent to the reservoir.
Any questions can be answered by calling park headquarters at 908-236-6355.

Round Valley Regulations

1. Reservoir is closed to all boating if white warning light is flashing.
     - No launching of boats
     - Boat must leave water
     - If unable reach ramp, beach boat.

2. All power vessels must be registered.
3. Operator of power vessels must have valid license.
4. Vessels over 12’ must have valid registration and numbering
      except canoes, kayaks, and inflatable’s.
5. Maximum motor size, 10 HP.
6. Swimming and picnicking prohibited.
7. Alcoholic beverages prohibited.
8. Stay back 50’ from scuba divers.
9. Do not rig boats on ramps..

10. Your fishing license receipt or a boat ramp maintenance permit should be affixed to the inside rear drivers side window