Sustaining the Fishery by Catching & Releasing....


Everyone who fishes the Valley, RVTA Member or not, benefits from the State and Club Stocking efforts. But stocking trout is only half of the deal. Round Valley Trout do not spawn because there are no running streams available for them to lay their eggs, therefore, sustaining the fishery is every fisherman’s responsibility. Please observe annual bag and size limits set by NJF&W. Report violations you might witness.

When you practice “Catch and Release”, here are some recommendations that will help ensure survival of the fish.

1. If possible, avoid over-handling or removing hooked trout from the water. If you must handle the trout, use wet hands and never touch the gills.

2. If jaw-hooked, use forceps or another de-hooking tool to gently remove the hook.

3. If gut-hooked, cut the leader about 12” from the hook. The hook will disintegrate in time.

4. After de-hooking, if fish seems disoriented, it sometimes helps to gently hold the fish in the water by the tail, swish it back-and-forth, allowing oxygenated water to flow through the gills until the fish is ready to go on its own.

The Round Valley Trout Association