The Round Valley Trout Association


 During Round Valley Reservoirs early years, Brown Trout were plentiful in the reservoir. By the mid-1990's the Herring population declined, and so did the Brown Trout. RVTA's Shiner Stocking Program has been very successful over the last few years filling the void left by the absent herring as a forage bait fish. With adequate bait fish forage in the reservoir, the Brown Trout Restoration Program took shape.

As part of the club's 2016 stocking, RVTA purchased from Musky Trout Hatchery 200 Brown Trout, averaging 10" in lenght and released them into the reservoir with the permission of NJDF&W. For tracking purposes, all fish were tagged "RVTA 6". These fish are under legal size and if caught must be released unharmed. Anglers may be fined by conservation authorities for possessing any Round Valley Trout under the 15" minimum size.

If you do catch one:
• Handle the fish as little as possible. Keep it in the water if you can.
• Carefully remove the hook. If deeply hooked, cut the leader.
• Gently release the fish into the reservoir as soon as possible.