The Round Valley Trout Association


  Each year, the  Round Valley Trout Association conducts it's annual trout stocking at the gravel ramp. We stock a good number of better than average size fish from the Musky Trout Hatchery. Members help to float stock the fish through out the Reservoir. Stocking takes place in early May. Be sure to check the Calendar of Events for exact date and time. All of these Trout are jaw-tagged "Join RVTA" as a club promotion.

**2019 Stocking Date: April 7th, at 9:00 am.**

RVTA’s Annual Spring Stocking

The 2018 Regular Spring Stocking is planned for Sunday, March 18th at 10 am. We are planning on
stocking approximately, 100 14” Goldens, 400 12” tagged Browns, and 30 or so 17” Rainbows. Species can vary,depending what’s available at the Musky Trout Hatchery. Additionally, Mike Roman has scheduled our Trophy Trout Stocking of 100 24” Rainbows, to occur that same day, Sunday March 18.
While March 18th is somewhat earlier than usual,  we hope that we have enough anglers with boats available with live-wells to float stock. Also, the docks will obviously will not be available, so boats will have to be beached to take on fish (just like the old days). Shore help will also be needed.

Call Joe Lewicki (732) 672-4356 or Mike Roman (908) 581-2341 for information.