The Round Valley Trout Association


  Each year, the  Round Valley Trout Association conducts it's annual trout stocking at the gravel ramp. We stock a good number of better than average size fish from the Musky Trout Hatchery. Members help to float stock the fish through out the Reservoir. Stocking takes place in early May. Be sure to check the Calendar of Events for exact date and time. All of these Trout are jaw-tagged "Join RVTA" as a club promotion.

RVTA’s Annual Spring Stocking

 At the April 7th, 2019 RVTA Spring Stocking, the Club stocked approximately 800 Rainbow and Tiger Trout into the reservoir with the assistance of many RVTA Members who used their personal boats to float stock the fish throughout the reservoir as part of this clubs ongoing effort to support the fishery at Round Valley. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all members who attended this annual event helping transport nets of fish to the awaiting boats, and the spectators who cheered us on. Only through member support are our efforts possible.

 Among the fish stocked was the RVTA 2019 Money fish, provided courtesy of Jeff and Vern Mancini, of Musky Trout Hatchery. This fish is a sizable Rainbow, wearing a jaw tag #558. Any RVTA Member catching this fish and retrieving the tag and turning it into the RVTA Executive Board by December 31, 2019 will receive a bounty of $100 provided by Musky Trout. You can keep the fish, or if you prefer, release the fish after the jag is removed. Naturally, please use care in removing the jaw tag, as to not injure the fish.

The 2018 Money Fish was caught by Stephen Petros about a week after stocking, while a few from previous years have never been caught. Only the current tag #558 is eligible to receive the prize. Good Luck.