The Round Valley Trout Association



Amended March 1st, 2016

Highlights of Changes

RVTA’s 6 monthly “Members Only Tournaments” will now be referred to as RVTA (Month) Tournament.

Entry Fee. Non-Members $25.00, Members receive a $5.00 Discount

FPOY Points System has been eliminated as in previous years.Beginning in 2016, a true weight system will be put in effect with the sum of pounds and partial pounds in hundreds as read directly off the RVTA official scale will be accrued to determine FPOY standings.

 Weigh Masters, previously receiving 225 FPOY points for serving,
will now receive a 14.00 pound credit towards his/her FPOY standings.

Revised March 2016

1. Fishing contests are open to the public. Registration must be completed prior to fishing.

 2. All State game rules and regulations apply in addition to the following RVTA rules, which apply to all RVTA contests as indicated:
  a. Up to a legal state limit of trout set for Round Valley Reservoir may be weighed in.
Lake Trout: 6 fish from 15”to 23-7/8” and 1 fish over 24”.
Brown/Tiger/Rainbow/Golden /Brook Trout,  2 fish of same species or in aggregate. Minimum length 15".
  b. Kamloop Rainbow Trout, and Golden Rainbow Trout shall share equal status with True Strain Rainbow Trout. The phrase “Rainbow Trout” shall include True Strain, Golden and Kamloop Trout.
  c. Any SHORT FISH weighed in will automatically disqualify a member from that day’s contest.  The member will also receive a 6.00 pound penalty subtracted from his/her Fisherperson-of-the-Year total points.  Note: The lakers tail will be squeezed together in order to verify true length.
  d. A second violation during the same Tournament year. You will not be eligible for the top three spots.
  e. All legal lengths of fish shall be checked using the official ruler at the weighstation.  The official ruler can not be borrowed or can not leave the company of the Weighmaster.  If the participant is in doubt on the legal length of a fish, do not bring the fish to be measured.
  f. Their will be a courtesy measuring board located at each ramp. It is your responsibility to measure your fish accurately prior to bringing it to the weigh station.

3.    All RVTA contests will be split division, meaning one Lake Trout Division, and one Brown/Rainbow Division.  In the event that the scheduled September, tournament has to be postponed, and the make up tournament day is rescheduled to a day later than September 15, after lake trout season is closed then the September tournament will be a Brown/Tiger/Rainbow/Golden/Brook Trout only tournament. Same entry fees apply


 5. No Tournament legal fish are allowed in your possession or in your boat prior to the start of a tournament. The weigh master or assistant has the right to inspect your boat, live well or cooler. If you are in possession of tournament legal fish you will be ejected from the club or banned from further tournaments. You will not be refunded your membership dues.

 6. Entry fee for non-members is $25, with a $5 discount for RVTA members. This one fee will allow the participant eligibility in both the Lake Trout division and the Brown / Rainbow division.

 7. Every occupant in the boat must be registered and paid in the tournament.

 8. There is no entry fee for juniors when fishing in the junior class (less than 16 years of age).  However, junior members may enter as adults ($20.00 entry fee) and therefore are eligible for contest cash prizes and for Fisherperson of the year only if they fish as an adult for all tournaments. Non member juniors fishing the tournament can also enter in the adult division, this fee will be $25.00. Note: nonmember juniors are not eligible for fisherperson of the year.

 9. Junior’s (in the junior class) may catch and weigh in up to 3 fish of any legal fish species.  Prizes will be awarded for the heaviest legal fish of the day.  First (1st) place only.

 10. Adult division fish will be weighed and cash prizes awarded for the three (3) heaviest legal trout, per division, caught that day. A fishing person can win more than one fish prize per contest, but no more than 1 prize per division.  Ties in weight, of each fish, are to be decided first by length, then by the time of day each fish was weighed in.
  a.  Any tie for Fisherperson Of the Year (FPOY) will be determined by true weight.

11. Prizes not won by fish placement will be awarded by a raffle (except fish winners for that contest).

 12. The contest Weighmaster and Aide will be determined by a drawing of the top 12 FPOY anglers from the preceding year and assigned by April 1st of the current tournament season.

 13. Rulings made by the individual contest Weighmaster will determine first, second and third place cash prizewinners per division as well as the junior winner per contest.  All Weighmaster rulings are final.

 14. Prizes will be money received from contest fees:
    a. Money breakdown: Total money less operating expense and then 80% to adult contestants as contest prizes; 20% to Fisherperson-of-the-Year    program.
    b. 80% of net prize money to be split evenly per division: 50% first place, 30% second place, and 20% third place (per division).

 15. Contest day registration opens 15 minutes prior to the start of a tournament and closes at 11:00 am.

 16. Contests start at 5:30 am and end at 2:30 PM.  Exception: The April contest will start at 6:00 am and end at 3:00 PM.  A contest is legal after five (5) hours of fishing have been completed.  All times are kept by the official clock at the weigh station.

 17. Weigh-ins will be conducted all day and contestants waiting in line to have fish weighed MUST be in line by contest end time.  All latecomers will be informed that their fish cannot be weighed in.

 18. The tournament station for weigh-ins and registration will be located at the top of the cement ramp in front of the bulletin board or during inclement weather in front of the bathroom.  There is no excuse for arriving to the scale late.

 19. Any contestant dissatisfied with the Weighmaster's decision must appeal to the Executive Board in Writing immediately of the close of a contest.

 20. Any complaint against another contestant for violation of Club Rules or State Game Regulations has the right to fill out a complaint form, which will be located at the weigh in station. The complaint form must be submitted to the Weigh master by the close of the tournament on that day. The complaint will then be submitted to the E-Board for review.

 21. Any unsportsmanlike conduct (physical contact, verbal abuse,letting someone weigh in fish that is not caught by them) towards other contestants, Weigh masters, or any one in the general public during the course of the tournament will be subject to being banned from future tournaments by the executive board.

 22. Only RVTA members earn points toward Fisher Person Of the Year (FPOY) awards.

 23. The top 12 members at the end of the tournament season must be weigh master for at least one tournament during the following tournament season. The member has the right to find someone to substitute for them for this duty. If one of the top 12 members do not volunteer or find someone to fill in on their behalf during the following tournament season then they will not be eligible for Fisher person of the year. this applies if your stand-in doesn’t show you must fill in for them .all weighmasters and  assistants will  receive credit of 14.00 pounds (formerly 225 points)towards his/her FPOY standing.

24. Accruing FPOY Points. All fish weights will be recorder in actual pounds and partial pounds in decimal equivelant (not points),. The sum of actual weight of all fish weighed in during tournaments participated in will constitute the member’s FPOY standing at season’s end.

Note: the previous point system which involved converting pounds and partial pounds to points has been abolished as of December 31, 2015,

                                                                         SEVERE WEATHER CONDITION RULES


A vote will be taken by the weigh masters and a chairperson prior to cancelling a tournament due to sever weather, or any other condition that makes boating unsafe.

 A contest is deemed legal after at least five (5) hours of fishing time has occurred.

 The Weighmaster can put the contest on hold for up to (1) hour when:

a. The Weigh master believes unsafe weather conditions to exist (prior to the start of the tournament only)
b. Once the tournament has commenced, if lightning is observed or the wind lights go on for the FIRST time.

 4. When a tournament is on hold the Weighmaster will make the official call when fishing is to resume.  No one else shall interpret the conditions and begin fishing without the consent of the Weighmaster.

 5. After fishing has resumed as per paragraph 3 of the Severe Weather Conditions Rules, and lightning is observed and the wind lights go on for the SECOND time, the contest is immediately CANCELED.

 6. If lightning is still observed, the wind lights are still on, or unsafe conditions persist after the (1) hour hold:
a. BEFORE (5) hours of fishing are completed, the contest is CANCELED (NOT LEGAL).
b. AFTER (5) hours of fishing are completed, the contest is LEGAL and the Weighmaster will allow a one (1) hour grace period to weigh in fish.

 7. If the contest is CANCELED due to weather conditions and is deemed NOT LEGAL, the following rules will apply:
a. Saturday contests are rescheduled to the following Saturday, and if not held, the contest is permanently canceled from the schedule.
b. Sunday contests are rescheduled to the following Sunday, and if not held, the contest is permanently canceled from the schedule.
c. All points earned during a canceled contest are not allowed.
d. Additional contestants can register to fish a rescheduled contest on the rescheduled day.
e. All monies will be retained in the club's general fund, unless the registrant requests a refund.


 Reviewed and approved by the Round Valley Trout Association, Executive Board, March 9, 2016

Tournament Committee Co-Chairpersons: Jeff Simpson, Ron DeGraff.