The Round Valley Trout Association


  by Anthony "Randy" Guerrera - President RVTA

     In 1980 I read an article in a local newspaper about a group of anglers who were forming a fishing club based at their favorite fishing spot, Round Valley Reservoir. I attended this initial meeting and never looked back.
The Round Valley Trout Association was formed that night with the credo to "preserve and enhance" the reservoir's trout fishery.
As you view this website, whether you are a member of the RVTA or not, welcome to what I believe to be the best fishing club in the state of New Jersey. Of course as President I am bias, but one thing I'll get no argument about is that Round Valley Reservoir is the number one trout fishery in the state.  Where else does one have a better chance to land a trout weighing of double-digit proportions?
I hope that our website will be helpful in giving you information about the organization and the reservoir, so that you will be more successful in your fishing endeavors, and I hope you will consider joining the RVTA and joining in on the fun.

 Listed below are some of the items that information is provided for
on this website:

• Application for RVTA membership and NJ fishing license information

• RVTA Tournaments and Results

• NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife info as it pertains to Round Valley Reservoir

• Calendar of Events, including stocking and tournament dates

• Fishing Forums and links to our Social Media:  to answer any questions you may have, including fishing tips, and fishing reports

So as you peruse the site please feel free to contact any Executive Board member or the webmaster with your ideas or comments..